Nutrition Coaching


There are so many different options and diets, how do you know what Nutrition Plan is “RIGHT” for you? At Immersion Fitness we have expert nutrition coaches ready to help you be comfortable in your own body.


Whether you are an advanced level athlete looking to gain muscle or someone trying to get fit and lose weight, we will work together to build sustainable life habits that work for you and your lifestyle. By taking a goal-oriented approach, we will systematically help you achieve results through nutrition education and guidance so you can work, play, and live with excellence.

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  • Programs that take a whole-person approach, meeting you wherever you are to move towards your personal goals.

  • Assessments of nutrition, body composition, lifestyle, fitness, and other factors to create individualized plans.

  • Thoughtful and realistic suggestions to make sustainable changes and create healthy habits that last a lifetime.

  • The accountability of working 1:1 with a knowledgeable and supportive coach.

  • A focus on whole foods, loving what you are eating, and feeling confident in your food choices to look and feel your best.

  • The flexibility and ability to assess your body’s responses and adjust plans as necessary to see results.

  • Follow-up appointments in person or by remote coaching.